ANTI-HEROS : Underneath The Underground

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ANTI-HEROS : Underneath The Underground
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The New Wave of British Hardcore marches on with this domestic release of Arms Race's debut 7" as a prelude to a North American tour in the spring of 2015. A volatile collision of their British ancestors (Chaos UK, Ultra Violent) and those from across the pond (YDI, Life's Blood), with members also tied to Violent Reaction, The Flex, Crown Court and plenty more. Rough and rabid - London, England continues to prove that they've got one of the best scenes going for real hardcore in the present day.
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Syksyn 2010 eurotourille tehty julkaisu.
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Fleminginkatu 11 - 00550 Helsinki - avoinna ma-pe: 11-18 la: 12-16 - puh: 040-6695556

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