BATORS, STIV : Disconnected

Lafka: Bomp!
BATORS, STIV : Disconnected
lp: 25 €  (Sold out)
Klassikkouusinta, Dead Boys-laulajan popimpi soolo.

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Loistava kolmosalbumi.
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Yksi kaikkein aikojen kovimmista hardcoreklassikoista nyt virallisena uusintapainoksena!
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Mind Spiders are back with their 3rd album in 3 years! Featuring a streamlined lineup of Mark Ryan on vox/guitar/synth, Mike Throneberry on drums, Daniel Fried on bass, Peter Salisbury on synth, Inhumanistic finds the band going in a slightly more stripped down direction than previous efforts.

The album was written while messing around with different drum machines, and while there is live drumming as well, drum machines play a prominent role as well, which is partly why the record is called Inhumanistic. The recording is very tight, direct, and almost claustrophobic. Influences for this record include Devo's Freedom Of Choice, Wall Of Voodoo and old horror movies (the songs Electric Things is about the movie From Beyond, for example.

Inhumantistic is Mind Spiders catchiest, most direct and rockin' (although they also slow it down a couple times, to great affect!) release yet! We've been cranking out Mark Ryan related releases for almost a decade now, and have no plans to slow down anytime soon!
22 €
Uusi pitkäsoitto sisältää mm. huikean The Knife -coverin!!!
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