BIG BLACK : Atomizer

BIG BLACK : Atomizer
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Remastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering. Big Black was started by Steve Albini in 1982 while he was living in Evanston, IL, and attending Northwestern University. After recruiting Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun) to help out on bass and Santiago Durango (Naked Raygun) on guitar, together with live drummer Pat Byrne, they recorded the "Bulldozer" EP in 1983. By 1984, the band did some touring and signed a deal with Homestead Records. They recorded one more time with Pezzati on bass, which resulted in their Homestead debut, the "Racer-X" EP. 12"ep includes full album download coupon.
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Steve Albimin johtama melurock-pioneeri.
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