FALL, THE : Grotesque 2xLP

FALL, THE : Grotesque 2xLP
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Grotesque (After the Gramme) is a 1980 album by The Fall. It was critically received as a marked improvement over its predecessors both sonically and musically, and is cited as the band's first great album. The music is a departure from that of the previous albums, 1979's Live at the Witch Trials and Dragnet, introducing more drones and Velvet Underground-inspired riffing. Marc Riley played organ on several tracks on the album, adding to the Velvets-like feel. This was Paul Hanley's first album with the band, having joined earlier in the year aged just 16. The album was preceded by the singles, "How I Wrote 'Elastic Man'" and "Totally Wired", which were subsequently included on CD reissues of the album. The eye-catching full colour sleeve (the group's first) was drawn by Mark E. Smith's sister, Suzanne.

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