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Adrian Borlandin ja kumppaneiden punk-bändin toinen ja viimeinen pitkäsoitto. Pian tämän jälkeen osittain sama porukka perustikin jo The Soundin.

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Amerikkalaisen uuden goottipunkin kovimpia bändejä tässä!
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Leatherface/The Sainte Catherines -ukkojen uusi melodinen punkbändi! Tämä levy jäi Dickie Hammondin viimeiseksi tuotokseksi.
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RATA NEGRA from Madrid deliver twelve songs of dark, crude and moody punk on their debut LP. Formed of members from JUANITA Y LOS FEOS and LA URSS this power trio have distilled the negativity and uncertainly of the young Spanish generation and transformed it into perfectly crafted punk songs. Sharply turning snaps of daily life into melodic anthems for a doomed generation, musically RATA NEGRA fence between dark melodic OC punk a la RIKK AGNEW solo debut album and Spanish Punk ’83 via KGB/ VULPESS. Imagine the non keyboard tracks of Yugoslavian KAOS mixed with LA’S X melody, add to it a layer of distortion and a dose of vital desperation and you get close to RATA NEGRA’s sound.
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At the time their third album was released, The Sound was one of the UK’s most acclaimed bands and were on the precipice of a commercial breakthrough. Having been upgraded from the Korova label (also home to Echo & the Bunnymen) to Warner Bros., the group was met with label demands to deliver a more commercial release. In what many consider to be a willfully defiant move, The Sound delivered the challenging and more experimental All Fall Down, a record many of their most ardent fans still consider their most accomplished. It remains one of the great post-punk albums of the early ’80s.

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Adrian Borlandin The Soundia edeltänyt punkbändi!
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