RäJäYTTäJäT : Räjä Elektrik Millenium 2xLP

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No nyt on melkoista menoa.. Räjäyttäjät on todella luonut nahkansa!

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15 €
Limited red vinyl! Back before the flood of compilations there was "Killed By Death", "Feel Lucky Punk", "Back To Front", a couple of other compilations, and" Bloodstains Across..." Then everyone got into the act. Now close to 20 volumes later the series seems to have covered almost any place that had a punk scene back in the 1970s.

On this comp, you hear a lot about The Braineaters, The Forgotten Rebels, Culture Shock and much more. 18 sonx in total!


The Viletones No Fun The Red Squares Active Dog Private School The Braineaters The Forgotten Rebels The Bureaucrats Modernettes The Sturgeons The Hot Nasties Silicone Injection The Presence Pink Steals Curtains The Rage Culture Shock NJF
25 €
This 17-song collection comprises the complete studio recordings (including five unreleased tracks) of Angry Angles, the Jay “Reatard” Lindsey and Alix Brown project that came together shortly after the mid-2005 demise of the former’s long-running primary endeavor, The Lost Sounds.
22 €
"Hyvä levy komeissa (parjatuissa paksuissa gatefold-) kansissa."
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