Drag City rag City is a Chicago-based independent record label. It was established with a Royal Trux release in 1989 in Chicago, Illinois by Dan Koretzky and Dan Osborn.
Drag City specializes in experimental indie rock acts. Among the bands that have released material on Drag City are Pavement, Royal Trux, Cynthia Dall, Faun Fables, Smog, Will Oldham, Weird War, Jim O'Rourke, Loose Fur, David Grubbs, U.S. Maple, Alasdair Roberts, Neil Michael Hagerty, The Howling Hex, Ghost, Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone, The Fucking Champs, Papa M, Pearls and Brass, White Magic, Espers, Silver Jews,Monotonix, Joanna Newsom, RTX and Edith Frost. In recent years, they have expanded their catalog to include alternative comedy releases, with recent outputs from Fred Armisen and Neil Hamburger, among others

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