ROIR (pronounced "roar"), or Reach Out International Records, is a New York City-based record label founded in 1979 by Neil Cooper. Most of ROIR's early catalog consists of punk rock and No Wave releases, but the label branched out into other genres including industrial music, gothic rock, and, especially, dub reggae. In its early years, the label used the cassette format exclusively, but much of its catalog is now available in CD and LP formats. In 1982 ROIR released the compilation album New York Thrash, documenting the hardcore punk scene in the New York metropolitan area. It has since become a definitive album in the genre.
This record label is notable for early releases by Bad Brains (Bad Brains), Beastie Boys, Einstürzende Neubauten (2X4), Flipper (Blow'n Chunks), MC5, New York Dolls, Television, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, and The Skatalites (Stretching Out).

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